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Experience Relaxation

Heal the mind, body and spirit with a massage treatment from our professional therapists. Drink in the experience in our indoor/outdoor spa lodge or opt for an in-room session. We offer Essence Maker Aromatherapy natural skin products, which are blended with exotic oils used by ancient cultures of Egypt, Rome Greece and India.

Prices below are subject to change and do not include gratuity.  In-room treatments are an additional $10 per person. Cancellations require a minimum 24-hour notice. 

Traditional Massages

Choose a 50-minute massage for $95 or an 80-minute massage for $150.

Swedish - Gentle pressure is applied to select points to relieve stress, improve circulation and help balance the body.

Deep Tissue - A deep pressure massage that does more than just relax, it also removes deep tissue build up.

Therapeutic - Utilizes a combination of different techniques to address your specific condition; targets pain and knots, including stretches and acupressure points.

Pregnancy Massage - A complex body massage using specific prenatal techniques to help you relax, increase circulation and alleviate tired muscles.

Signature Massages

All Signature Massages last 80 minutes. See individual descriptions for pricing.

Eucalyptus Rock Massage - Large, hot stones steaming with Eucalyptus essential oil are placed along the back as your deep breathing assists in opening the body and balancing chakras. The smooth river stones glide over the body to provide grounding from the earth and deep vibrations of flowing water. $150

Aloe Lavender Body Wrap - Be exfoliated, misted with lavender, and drenched in pure aloe vera. Your body is wrapped in essential oils, known to posses healing properties for your skin. The application of hydrating lavender lotion completes this treatment, rejuvenating the body and repairing damaged skin. $150

Rain Drop - Utilizing the power of 9 pure essential oils sprinkled along the spine with a full body massage helps bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. The aroma of our organic oils helps to calm the nervous system allowing the spine to naturally align. A warm towel wrap completes this amazing treatment for total relaxation. $175

Massage Add-Ons

Add one of the following 30-minute treatments to a regular or signature massage for an additional $55.

Reflexology - Send healing to all parts of the body through your feet and hands.

Scalp Massage - Tap into the natural rhythms of the body, open up energy channels and release tension.

Peppermint Foot Scrub Massage - Refreshing and invigorating foot scrub with aromatherapy and reflexology. 

Contact the front desk to book your massage.


Greet the day with sun salutations most Sunday mornings, compliments of Korakia. Surrender into the bliss of your breath and discover there is nowhere to go, as you are already right here!

Dive deep within as you stir your subconscious into full awareness of the beauty of the day. Centering, calming and illuminating, each class is adapted to the energy and experience.

Complimentary yoga offered most Sundays at 8: 15am. (Meet in Library off Lobby). 

Please inquire at the front desk for private sessions, available for $75 an hour. Cancellations require a minimum 24-hour notice. 

Group Retreats

Korakia offers group retreats throughout the year and personal retreats upon availability. 

Please contact the front desk for more information. 

Group Retreats